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Babies are Born Pre-Polluted

In 2005, Greenpeace and WWF undertook testing of maternal and umbilical cord blood and the results showed the ability of a number of commonly used chemicals to cross the placenta barrier. Exposure to chemical body burden can take place through our mothers, as during pregnancy, the chemicals stored in a woman’s body have the ability to cross the placenta where they may cause harm. Some chemicals from a mother’s body are also mobilized and transferred to the breasts as she produces breast milk.  These chemicals are then transferred to the baby during breastfeeding.
Developing or immature tissues are far more susceptible to chemical exposures than adult tissues. Development is a time of special vulnerability. It is a time of very rapid replication and differentiation of cells – the latter being an incredibly complex and vulnerable process.Studies have shown that breast milk remains the best food for babies because of its immunological, nutritional and psychological benefits, however the fact that industrial chemicals have contaminated breast milk is tragic.

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